Double Glazing


We are one of the leading manufacturers of Double Glazing in the country. Our production capacity, high quality, and the fact that we can produce large and special shapes, using all glass types, makes us a very attractive supplier in this segment.

The fully automated production line that we use is among the most modern in the world, being produced by a major Austrian company.

Whether you are a manufacturer of aluminum, wood or PVC windows and regardless of the size and type of glass you need, our company can be a very attractive supplier that will provide high quality Double Glazing and prompt delivery. In order to familiarize yourself with the manufacturing process that we use, we propose a short incursion inside our production facilities by watching the below video.


Comfort and energy savings

ClimaGuard Solar windows reflect heat in the summer and provide the best thermal insulation in the winter. Completely transparent, this new type of glass ensures reduced energy costs. Feel cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather!

Technical Details

Comfort and energy savings in summer and winter with ClimaGuard Solar

FS: 42% Ug: 1,1 W/m²K TL: 66%

  • optimal sun protection
  • exceptional thermal insulation
  • comfort all year long
  • appearance neutral

It is essential to reduce energy consumption on modern buildings. In addition to reducing heating costs in winter, you need to consider and decrease energy consumption used for air conditioning in summer.

As compared to other construction materials, insulating glass equipped with ClimaGuard Solar gives excellent thermal insulation and solar control combined with high transparency. This advantage allows the design of much larger windows, thus allowing for more natural light.

Product description:

ClimaGuard Solar combines high thermal insulation with efficient sun protection. Low solar factor decreases air conditioning costs and creates a pleasant environment.