MINI roller blinds

4MINI roller blinds are an elegant product, fitted with winding mechanism box containing the jalousie. They are mounted in the window frame, they do not diminish brightness,nor deteriorate the window frame.
Preventing sunlight to penetrate into the interior, the MINI roller blinds offer a cozy atmosphere inside the house for a long time.
A major advantage is the small space required for installation, thereby allowing the best possible opening of the window. Therefore it is perfectly suited for narrow places that require a larger economy of space and a large window opening.
there is a big diversity of fabrics and colors, each of them representing various beneficial features.

The main benefits of the MINI roller blinds include:
- Small space required installation and handling
- Efficiency, modernity and elegance
- Ensure total privacy by blocking visibility
- Handles easily and accurately
- It Can be purchased in a large various colors and fabrics.

Tehnical details
The MINI Roller blind comes with a mechanism for winding placed in aluminum box. It is equipped with aluminum guide profiles.
This type of blind is designed for mounting in the window frame. It does not damage the frame, nor does it take the brightness away from the window.
The MINI roller blind with casette should not exceed the length of 1200mm and height of1800mm.

How to measure:

A correct measurement requires two steps:
Step 1: Measure the size of glazing that gives the size of the fabric.
Step 2: Measure the distance between the baguettes that gives the final size of the casette.

Peacock Shades


Beautiful and luxuriant, the new Peacock Shades allow you to decorate your interior in the most pleasant and cheerful manner.
Choose natural fabrics that will delight the eye by the quality of the texture or enhance your personality by choosing fabrics with rich floral colors.

These type of blinds that impress through their design, help keep your privacy inside your home and provide the necessary light control.
The wide range of colors and textures available help you build your dream interior.

Maneuvering is done by one single chain used for raising or lowering the blind and for closing or opening the folds.
It can be installed in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, depending on the effect you want to create and the way you want to assort other items in the house with the fabric used.
You can also team it with other type of blinds that we offer, choosing the same type of fabric, color or similar color tones.


Peacock Shade 1Peacock Shade Jacquard 1Peacock Shade Jacquard 2Peacock Shade Jacquard 3Peacock Shade JacquardPeacock Shade

Double Shades


An exquisite window treatment, Double Shades offer you a softly filtered view, providing privacy with easily controlled tilting slats. The luxurious look of soft curtains is accentuated at night when the shade is closed. Double Shades are used to control sunlight in the most elegant manner.

Double Shades can be used in virtually any room and in any rectangular window or door opening. They are perfect for large doors or windows.
Drawn open like curtains with the use of a cord, the Double Shades can be closed and the fabric slats can be rotated with the simple twist of the wand.
They are ideal for large windows and door waves as they allow instant access with the sliding of the shade which can be challenging with other styles of window coverings.

There is a multiple choice of fabrics and textures for different decorative effects. Some fabrics feature colored slats to enhance color intensity, while others feature white slats to achieve a natural ambience and superior light reflection.
Full 180 degree rotation allows slats to be fully closed in both directions, allowing you to set the slat to a position that suits the angle of the light and adjust it throughout the day and night. Matching fabrics allow you to assort a sliding door covered with Double Shades with a window covered with Triple Shades in the same room.


Triple Shades


Triple Shades close the gap between Venetian Blinds and Curtains in a truly unique design that features fabric slats suspended between two sheer fabric facings for complete light control and privacy. The shadings can be opened for a soft view, closed for complete privacy or tilted for flexible light control.

Combining the warmth that curtains provide with the functionality of shades and blinds, the result is a stunning design.
They are durable and easy to clean because of the use of antistatic fabric. Day lighting efficiency is maximized by diffusing and dispersing sunlight throughout the room, which enables lights to be turned off and energy preserved.

It provides the functionality of two blinds in one shading. Daytime privacy is achieved with two sheer facings which can be tilted to control the degree of light and heat entering into your home, as well as maintain your view.
Nighttime privacy is assured when the slats are fully closed. The unique S slat angles to soften and diffuse the light around the room protecting your furniture. The unique two sheer fabric facings provide high UV reduction with the slats closed, depending on the type of fabric chosen. No cords run through the fabric to detract from its simple elegance.




Built-in Venetians


Built-in Venetians not only look spectacular but they are a high quality product that shows great reliability over time. Because the blind is integrated inside the insulating glass panel it doesn’t deteriorate over the years and it doesn’t get dirty.

Once sealed inside the glass panel, the blind remains at its initial stage for a long amount of time since it can not be damaged by external environmental factors.
This product shows great stability in time and is one of the most practical solutions to solve sun protection, thermal and sound insulation since the glass panel can be filled with Argon, increasing thermal and acoustic insulation.

Once sealed inside the glass, the blind practically never deteriorates, so the functionality of the product is guaranteed over time. There are different types of maneuvering: by chain, by button or automatically by remote control. Built-in Blinds can be produced to big dimensions so that they can successfully be installed on big glass façades.

If you decide to renovate your house and you buy the windows from us, then you can also benefit from sun protection and privacy by having your blind already positioned inside the glass panel once your windows are installed so that no additional work is needed.



Increasingly common in modern offices due to certain advantages linked to modularity and the ability to segment office space simply and quickly, the way you desire it, partition systems with integrated Venetian Blinds are the ideal choice for dividing office space in a practical and elegant manner.

The built-in aluminum Venetian Blinds can obstruct glare partially or completely if necessary. This can be achieved either manually or automatically by remote control.

The partition systems that we offer provide quality and flexibility and they are the ideal solution if you look for an increased modularity of the working space.




Tension is used to cover large glass surfaces.

It is suitable for trapezoidal and triangular surfaces and can be used both for internal and external applications on horizontal, vertical or inclined surfaces.

The aluminum tube the fabric rolls on is made out of galvanized steel and has a diameter of 85 mm.

The tubular motor is situated inside the aluminum tube and besides its purpose of operating the blind it is also used to keep the fabric tensioned during the whole process of operation and in any given position. This product is offered in a wide range of fabrics and colors.

Skylight Blinds


Skylight Blinds have been developed to solve sun shading where the windows needed to be covered were inclined.
This product category is composed of either Roller Blinds, Plissé or Venetian Blinds, all having a special maneuvering systems that permits them to be maneuvered on inclined windows.

The ability to provide motorization is a plus when they are mounted on windows that are positioned very high and therefore can not be operated manually wich happens quite frequently.

Depending on the type of selected blind you can achieve complete light control by using our black-out fabrics or Privacy aluminum slats.
Skylight Blinds offered by our company are ideal for sun shading of loft windows.










Technical Details

Skylight blinds is a blind category that was developed for solving a series of problems regarding sun protection when the windows are inclined.
This product category is composed of:

  • textile roller blinds
  • pleated blinds or cellular pleated blinds
  • aluminum venetian blinds

Main features:
Each of these products has the following standard parts (these standard parts have the same functions but may differ from the point of view of the shape):

  • superior coverage profile
  • main sun protection product
  • closing rod
  • lateral guiding systems

This category of products has a series of advantages:

  • they are easy to mount, their installation being similar for all the products in the category
  • they fit perfectly to the design of the window, not having any visible pining elements (clamps, bolts, etc.)
  • they have been conceived modularly, all the products having the same basic elements
  • they can be used for any type of attic windows
  • the design of the products is similar, regardless of the basic product
  • they can be mounted on any type of inclined window (there are adjusting elements which allow problem free mounting for different inclination angles of the interior wall of the window frame 90 o – 105 o)

Due to the fact that none of the classic systems has a stopping system in an intermediary position on an inclined plan, at the SKYLIGHT type products there is a pre-tensed lateral cords system that allows stopping the product in any intermediary position. Also, the cord system allows a permanent maintenance of the parallel position between the closing rod and the lower margin of the window.
The upper covering profile is made of aluminum and plays the role of fastening the protection mechanism to the upper part of the window. This profile can be pinned with special clamps, by clipping. They are specially designed in order to perform a correct pinning at an inclination of the interior wall of the frame of 90o, 96o or 105o. (standard inclinations for attic windows). The VELUX windows, the most common on the Romanian market, have an inclination of 96o.

The main sun-protection product may be one of the following:

  • roller blind
  • pleated blinds or cellular pleated blinds
  • aluminum venetian blinds
  • a combination between two products: roller blind and pleated blind.

The closing rod is made of aluminum and has the role of allowing the lifting/lowering of the product.
The lateral guiding systems are made of aluminum and have the role of allowing the sliding of the closing rod and closing the existent pre-tensed cords systems. In the upper part they usually slide under the front part of the -upper coverage profile. In the lower part they have special plugs. These guiding systems may be pinned to the interior wall of the frame, inclined to 90o or 96o. If the inclination is 105o it is necessary to have a special “filling” profile which is inserted between the window frame and the lateral guiding system.

1. Roller blind

This can be made in two versions:

  • with lateral guiding system
  • without lateral guiding system

The second version is less used, it has the advantage that it can be easily fastened in length, but it requires lateral fixing hooks and does not assure a satisfactory “lighting” sealing.

The textile material is applied on a tube on a self-adhesive stripe. The tube does not have the same width with the material because this must be fixed with special rivets in order to retain the material.
A spring is inserted in the axle for the tensioning of the textile material. This spring is pre-tensed at mounting in order for the material to remain stretched. The axle is masked by the upper coverage profile being fixed in the lateral ends of this profile. The closing rod is fixed on the fabric with a plastic strip inserted in it. The material and the closing rod shall slide at the level of the guiding systems.
The closing rod is fitted with a rubber gasket in order to assure a perfect closing (from the point of view of the light) if the roller-shutter is lowered. The lateral rivets that are fixed on the material shall not allow the material to “get away” from the lateral guiding systems, holding it stretched.
A pinion fixing system has been inserted in the lower part of the guiding systems in order to prevent the accidental opening of the roller-shutter. (due to the spring tensioning, tensioning which increases with the lowering of the roller-shutter, this has the tendency to elevate uncontrollably). The cord system that assures the correct functioning of the roller shutter moves from the end of the profile from the upper part, along the guiding systems and through the closing rod.


2. Pleated blinds cellular pleated blinds

This product may be designed in different versions

  • with a single pleated element..
  • a combination of two pleated products.
  • a product which actions independently

The material is inserted in a plastic profile which is fixed by clipping in the upper coverage profile. The textile material is fixed at both ends in order to be sure that it cannot escape from the upper profile or the closing rod. The perforation of the material and the profiles (upper and the closing rod) is made in the same position. The number of chain necessary depends on the dimension of the product and the type of the material. In the holes of the profile (upper and closing rod) gaskets are inserted which have the role of preventing the direct friction between the cord and the profile, friction which may lead to the deterioration of the cord. The cords’ system is tensioned with a spring which is inserted at the level of the closing rod. In the product commanded independently there is no upper coverage profile but there are two closing rods. In this case the product can be elevated and lowered freely.

3. Combined roller blind with pleated or cellular pleated blind

This product is a combination of a textile roller-shutter in the upper part with pleated blind in the lower part. Both products are assembled separately and are only mounted together when the products are installed on the window frame.

The upper profile of the pleated blind is clipped on the closing rod of the roller-shutter using a special connecting profile and special profile ends. Of course, in this case the closing rod is not fitted with rubber basket.

4. Aluminum venetian blinds

This can be made in two versions:

  • completely manually driven
  • with electric rotation

On the upper profile the slats rotation mechanism is fixed (supports and bushes for the ladder and the orientation mechanism for the inclination degree of the slats). The bushes for the blind’s ladder are clipped to the bush support. An axle is passed through these bushes and connected with the rotation element: manual or electric motor orientation mechanism.
For the manual command, the orientation mechanism is commanded through a button placed on the front part of the upper coverage profile. When the button is rotated it sends this movement through the orientation mechanism, the axle, the bushes and the ladder to the slats of the blind determining the opening or closing of the slats. In case of electric command, the role of the orientation mechanism is taken over by a motor powered by batteries. The motor is fixed with two special supports to the upper profile. The infrared receptor which takes over the command from a remote control is placed within the upper coverage profile (which is perforated for the sensor to be visible). Also, on the inner part of the upper profile is also placed the batteries system.
The aluminum slats, regardless if they are of 35mm or 25mm, are processed specially to perform the sliding system. The slats are cut up and an oval hole is made through which a cord is passed. This will assure the lateral fixing of the blind.
The closing rod is fixed to the ladder with special plugs, in the lower part of the closing rod.
The closing rod is fitted with special closing rod ends. There are two elements which slide on the lateral guiding systems and which are connected to the ends of the closing rod. The connection system allows the closing rod to rotate around the longitudinal axle together with the rotation of the aluminum slats on the command of the orientation mechanism.
The fixing cord avoids the contact between the aluminum slats and the lateral guiding systems reducing their wear and the noises which may appear when maneuvering the blind.

The closing rod is used for elevating/lowering the blind. The aluminum slats may be rotated either manually with the help of the front button or by remote control for the electric system.

For the manual rotation a stick connector can be used and a stick for the remote control of the blind. The stick connector is inserted in the front command button.

Especially easy, specific to each basic product:

a. Pleated / cellular pleated:

  • a monthly wipe of the dust from the textile material and the mechanisms is recommended using a brush or an electrostatic duster.
  • quarterly, after removing the dust, it will be proceeded to washing the material.

In order to wash the material this is taken off the command mechanism, then the command chains are removed and the material is washed in water with a maximum temperature of 40o, is rinsed and dried carefully. Then the material is reattached to the mechanism and the command system is mounted.

b. Roller blind

  • monthly wipe of the dust from the textile material is recommended using a brush or an electrostatic duster.
  • anytime necessary, after removing the dust, it will be proceeded to cleaning the material by washing or wiping with a sponge, in water with a maximum temperature of 40o.

The material is impregnated and does not require ironing.

c. Venetian blind
a monthly wipe of the dust from the slats is recommended using a brush or an electrostatic duster.
Anytime necessary, after removing the dust, it will be proceeded to cleaning the slats by washing with a sponge in water with a maximum temperature of 40o.

Dimensional restrictions:
For the products in this category there are the following dimensional restrictions:

The fabrics used for these products:
a. Fabric for roller blinds:
Type of fabric: impregnated fabric

Note: the materials marked are type ‘black-out’ and do not allow light to pass.

  • Slat origin: import from Sweden, Italy
  • Slat colors: on request, from a range of colors, for each type of material.

b. Pleated fabric

  • Type of material: polyester, different models
  • Origin: import from Italy, Netherlands, Spain
  • Color of material: on request, according to the range of colors, for each type of material.


c. Slat

  • Type of slat material: anodized aluminum.
  • Slat width: 25mm, 35mm
  • Slat thickness: 0.21mm.
  • Slat origin: import from SWEEDEN.
  • Slat colors: on request (from a wide range of colors)



Panels consist of a series of fabric strips that slide on a rail. Their modern design is meant to cover windows of considerable sizes and to protect your privacy but they can also be used to separate specific areas within the home or office.

The division that is achieved by the sliding of the panel is not final. It can be adjusted at any time, both manually or automatically by remote control.

Considering their multiple possibilities of customization and use, panels are able to solve a wide range of needs.

There are multiple fabrics and colors to choose from so that the customization possibilities become endless.











Technical details


The Panel-type blinds are made of a series of textile material stripes which slide on a headrail. It is a modern product designed both for covering the considerable size display Windows and to protect against indiscreet eyes but it can also be used to separate certain spaces within a house or office, this separation not being definite because the position of the panel can be modified at any time both manually and electrically by remote control.

Features of the materials used:

Sliding headrail:

  • Type of material: aluminum profile, painted white, with 2, 3, 4 or 5 ways of sliding the impregnated textile material stripes.
  • Origin: import from Italy

Closing bar:

  • Type of material: aluminum profile, painted white
  • Origin: import from Italy


  • Fabric type: impregnated fabric
  • This fabric shall be cut in stripes with a width of 50-60 cm (as necessary, in order to cover the surface desired).

Note: the materials marked type ‘black-out’ do not allow light to pass.

The manual command system allows a complete retraction of the textile material stripes, practically opening the blind. The command takes place using a textile cord or by pulling a stick.
The moving method of the slats when they are pulled may be configured for both handling systems when assembling the headrail as follows:

  • Origin of the slat: Sweden, Italy import.
  • The colors of the lamella: on request, from a range of colors for each type of material.

Possible dimensions of the roller blind made of impregnated textile material

  • Width of the blind: maximum 400cm, with a 5 way profile 5 according to the necessities of the beneficiary.
  • Length of the blind: maximum 400cm, according to the type of material (its specific weight), but also according to the needs of the beneficiary.

Operating system:

The operating system is designed to provide a simple operating with minimum effort.

The operating system can be made in two constructing ways:

  • Manual command system
  • Electric command system
  • - The manual command system allows a complete retraction of the textile material stripes, practically opening the blind. The command takes place using a textile cord or by pulling a stick.

The moving method of the slats when they are pulled may be configured for both handling systems when assembling the headrail as follows:

Assembling possibilities

The assembly of the headrail of this type of blind can be made in two main ways:


Especially easy also due to the fact that the material is antistatic impregnated, so the dust cannot enter the material).

  • a monthly wipe of the dust from the slats is recommended using a brush or an electrostatic duster.
  • anytime necessary, after wiping the dust, the slats shall be cleaned by wishing with a sponge with water at room temperature that cannot exceed 40o. Te material is impregnated and does not need ironing. The fabrics can be washed carefully avoiding their wrinkling. The fabrics can be easily removed from the sliding system being fixed on a “velcro” type band.

Bamboo Shades


Now you can provide an exotic touch to your living space by decorating your windows with the Bamboo Shades that we offer.

Bamboo Shades are known for the light control they provide, for the privacy they offer and the quality of the material being used.
They also provide practicality and elegance for any window. Motorization is possible, in order to further enhance your comfort if you choose to decorate your windows with our Bamboo Shades.

The high quality Bamboo Shades that our company offers are functional and can adapt to any type of interior design.
The natural wood fibers can gather up on a roll or in folds, both offering an unique blend between natural beauty and style.

There are different types of bamboo for you to choose from so you can better match the Bamboo Shades with your furnishings.


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