Exterior Blinds


Because Exterior Blinds are installed on the outside of the building, they offer better sun protection and an increased light control allowing fine-tuning of the aluminum slats.

They can have slat widths of 80 mm or 60 mm in order to adapt to a wide range of applications, being suited both for office buildings or industrial plants as well as housing. Besides the advantages concerning sun shading that exterior blinds provide, they also integrate very well into the building’s architecture giving it a modern and professional appearance.

They have an increased stability due both to the resistance of the slats and also because of the side guides that support the blind and protect it from strong wind that can occur so that the blind remains in place. Maneuvering is done by crank but there is also a possibility of motorization, thus operation is achieved by remote control through radio waves.

Tehnical details

Shall not be confounded with the exterior roller shutters!
This product is similar to the aluminum venetian blinds, the slat width being much bigger, as well as its resistance. It is a product designated especially for buildings provided with modern facades or with special architecture. The light intensity can be controlled as one pleases, manually or electrically, using the remote control.

Features of the used materials


  • Slat material type: anodized aluminum
  • Slat width: 80mm
  • Slat origin: imported from Sweden .
  • Slat ends are made in plastic material, with high mechanic resistance.
  • Slat colors: at buyer’s request (from a wide range of colors)


  • Material type: plated sheet
  • Headrail dimensions: 58x56mm
  • Headrail origin: imported from Sweden
  • In order to cover the headrail, it can be used a cap made in aluminum sheet of 1mm, which can be painted in the slat color or in any other color desired by the client.

Closing bar

  • Closing bar material type: anodized aluminum profile
  • Closing bar dimension: 83mm x 11mm
  • Closing bar weight: 0,530kg/ml.
  • Closing bar colors: at buyer’s request (from a wide range of colors)

Operating belt

  • Material type: TREVIRA type: of 8mm x 0,34mm, treated especially for resisting to the action of environmental external factors (humidity, solar radiations, dust, mechanical stress)
  • Breaking resistance: 1.000N

Lateral guides

For S80 type blinds

  • Guides material type: anodized aluminum
  • Guides colors: at buyer’s request (from a wide range of colors)

For V80 type blinds

  • Lateral fixing is performed using pre-tensioned steel cable system, arranged in the lateral part of the blind, fixed in the inferior part using a special pre-tensioning system.
  • The blind slats shall glide on the cables, due to the lateral pinholes performed at the level of each slat.

Blind dimension

  • Blind width: according to the dimensions required by the beneficiary.
    min. 0.80m
    max. 4.00m
  • Blind length: according to the dimensions required by the beneficiary.
    max. 4.00m
  • Blind area: max. 12mp.

Operating system

The operating system can be done in two different manners:

  • manual operating system
  • electric operating system

The Simple manual operating system is performed with a blind rotating system, driven with a handle. This system allows the rotation of the blinds (on a large drive range, of almost 360°), but also the regulation of the light flow that passes through the blind.

It is also possible to completely elevate the blind, in case it is necessary.
The angle of the manual rotating mechanism can be of 90° or of 45°, according to the specific conditions of installation.

The electric operating system allows the slats’ rotation and lifting by simply pressing the button. The electric operation is performed with a motor, introduced in the headrail. The system is furnished with a mechanism that allows the limitation of the blind movement (allows opening/lifting of the blind between pre-established limits – which can be identical to the blind dimensions or can be different from those. Optionally, the system can be provided with a system that allows the fine regulation of the slat rotation angle (in order to obtain a fine regulation of the luminous flow that passes through the blind).

Operating command can be performed using a simple switch, with two positions (up / down), or by using an infrared remote control system. Also, there can be realized more complex remote control systems, for example centralized control systems for various blinds.

Execution period:

  • maximum 28 working days, calculated from the moment of entering into force of the contract concluded between the parts.

Guaranty period:

  • 1 year (from the installation date)

Period for the product used under normal conditions:

  • 10 years