Peacock Shades


Beautiful and luxuriant, the new Peacock Shades allow you to decorate your interior in the most pleasant and cheerful manner.
Choose natural fabrics that will delight the eye by the quality of the texture or enhance your personality by choosing fabrics with rich floral colors.

These type of blinds that impress through their design, help keep your privacy inside your home and provide the necessary light control.
The wide range of colors and textures available help you build your dream interior.

Maneuvering is done by one single chain used for raising or lowering the blind and for closing or opening the folds.
It can be installed in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, depending on the effect you want to create and the way you want to assort other items in the house with the fabric used.
You can also team it with other type of blinds that we offer, choosing the same type of fabric, color or similar color tones.