Roman Shades


Roman Shades are a way of decorating your home in one of the most modern and most elegant ways possible. The wave-like look gives them a pleasant and elegant appearance.

This product is suitable for classic interiors creating a romantic atmosphere. It harmoniously combines the classic with the modern and the wide range of fabrics and colors that we provide allow you to individualize your home the way you desire.
It is adaptable to a vast array of interior designs because of its superior elegance.

The fabrics used are the most diverse, so you can choose the one that best suits the place you want to decorate.
It allows you to choose between natural looking fabrics, fabrics that almost completely prevent light penetration, or fabrics with a modern look.

Operation is done manually by chain but there is also the possibility of motorization so that you can have complete comfort if you choose to decorate your window with the Roman Shades provided by our company.


Tehnical details

Roman shades – here we have a fine product! Not very often you find a product designated for your home that combines in harmony the classic with the modern design. The wide range of colors and fabrics allows you to decorate your home as you please.

Characteristics of the used materials:

  • Material type: anodized aluminum profile
  • Provenience: imported from Italy
  • Headrail color: white

Textile fabric

  • Type of the material: polyester, different models
  • Provenience: imported from Sweden
  • Color of the fabric: at choice, according to the range of colors available for each fabric.

Plastic components:

  • Material type: plastic
  • Provenience: imported from Italy
  • Components color: white

Operating system
The operating system can be done in two different manners:

  • manual operating system
  • electric operating system

The Simple manual operating system is composed by a system for lifting the
fabric. Blind blocking at a certain height can be performed using a compact system furnished with rollers (locking) inserted in the headrail. The blocking and respectively unblocking of the mechanism shall be performed operating the blind chain.
The The electric operating system allows you to perform the elevation of the material by the simple press of a button. The electric operation is realized using a motor with a continuous current of 24V, 9VA, introduced in the headrail. The system is provided with an AMS-type mechanism that allows the limitation of the blind movement (allows opening/lifting of the blind within pre-established limits – which can be identical to the blind dimensions or can be different from those.
Operating command can be performed using a simple switch, with two positions (up / down), or by using an infrared remote control system. Also, there can be realized more complex remote control systems, for example centralized control systems for various blinds. Operating supply is performed using a charger of 220VAC / 24VDC.


Extremely easy:

  • every month, it is recommended to eliminate the dust deposited on the fabric and on the mechanism using a brush or an electrostatic whisk.
  • every semester, after the dust exhaust, the fabric shall be washed.
    In order to wash it, the fabric shall be detached from the operating mechanism (in the superior part it is provided with a Velcro-type belt, for an easier detaching), than the operating chains and the fabric are washed in water whose temperature shall not exceed 400, shall be rinsed, dried and ironed carefully. The bar system from the interior part of the fabric shall not be affected, because those bars are made of aluminum. The fabric is reattached to the mechanism, then it shall be assembled the operating system.