Wood Windows


Wood windows combine traditional qualities of classic wooden joinery with modern windows systems.

The profiles being used have a very high degree of thermal insulation and a very good sound insulation coefficient, shape stability and installation can be done for big surfaces as well.

Depending on customer preferences, the wood windows can be made from several types of wood profiles, such as oak, pine or meranti.
The hardware that is being used is of German origin, it assures high endurance and stability in time because of its high level of quality.

Wood windows adapt very well both to traditional homes or cabins as well as to modern homes, offering more comfort due to the good thermal insulation and their aesthetically superior appearance.

Tehnical details

Stratified wood windows combine the qualities of traditional wood windows with those of modern windows.

By using stratified wood profiles can be obtained windows with a high degree of thermal insulation (1.1 – 1.8K/m2k), with a very good acoustic insulation degree (R=34dB), with an exceptional stability of forms and dimensions (given by the relative humidity of the wood of 8 ^ 12%), in a diverse range of colors. When executing the standard windows are used triple stratified semi-products, in oak or resin essences, and upon request also available semi-products made in other types of wood.

The profile used for windows is achieved by combining in teeth and press bonding with ecologic adhesives, achieving a strong pillar, perfectly stable. The size of the used profile: 64 x 85 mm.

The high degree of reliability and good sealing is the result of using a very efficient hardware system (specially designed seals mounted on the frame, made of modified elastic polymer, resistant to wear, with a delayed aging capacity, thus guaranteeing for many years the provision of a good sealing). Seal color will match the finish of the executed windows.

The hardware system provides an easy handling of doors and windows being available in the variant with side opening, swing, tilt-sliding and by the additional elements (ventilation device, window handle with key closing option) provides the satisfaction of more special exigencies.

Using adjustable hardware systems there is the possibility of realizing some fine tuning, thus providing flawless operation of the moving parts. Wood protection to the action of external factors is achieved by using a priming system based on an elastic primer, the use of dyes and varnishes resistant to boiling out, with high UV protection. In this case, the wood is specially treated (fungicidally and insecticidally) and protected against humidity.

The windows are fitted with thermopane glass, in a wide range, from the thermopane glass 4+12+4 mm float, being a multitude of choices regarding the type of glass used (transparent, colored, reflective, anti-efraction, sandblasted, curved, etc..) and the insulated properties of that glass (with a coefficient of thermal insulation of at least 1.1K/m2k). Depending on each case in part, can be mounted decorative rods between the two glass surfaces.

The glass is mounted in silicone bed resistant to bad weather conditions, thus providing full and durable sealing.
The thermopane glass shall be fixed and mounted in the fixed frame or mobile frame by means of special rods on which is stuck an EPDM gasket. Rods are made of wood with the same qualitative and technical standards as the rest of the wooden material used in the manufacture of windows.

Product quality is strictly controlled, for resin or oak windows we offer an outstanding warranty:

  • 5 years for profiles
  • 5 years for hardware systems
  • 3 years for the finish (varnishing) of the surfaces

Limit sizes for mobile windows:

Optional elements:

  • Wooden bars applied on the inside and outside
  • Wooden bars embedded in the slash
  • Al bars embedded in the thermopane glass
  • External rollers
  • Window-sills

Stratified wood windows